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People and customs United States
with more than 260 million inhabitants is one of the countries with more people worldwide, with a population as distinct as their states. The different cultures adapt to the cities since the first immigrants who came to his story. A country built by foreigners who made this country a major world powers recognized everywhere, but sometimes much power is not asconvenient.
Although its inhabitants are very different in culture and customs, habits and share most features that are typical of the United States.
U.S. People usually quite comfortable, quiet and friendly, usually worry about making a good impression and serve his guests are well enough patriots correct and neat, they always show love for their flag and country. In terms of interpersonalrelationships, Americans tend to maintain a considerable distance when speaking, and avoid too much physical contact.
For social gatherings, are usually invited on short notice and cancel or confirm the invitation is a frequent, if you're invited to a dinner should arrive with cautious anticipation and carrying something, whether a wine, fruit or candy to share.
Although the officialU.S. language is English, a large segment of the population, mostly immigrants, make use of Spanish, so the streets can see a wide variety of languages, this is also seen in certain neighborhoods or communities which are grouped by country of origin. Other languages are also allowed to hear Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, French, among others.
In America, people are initially by name andsurname, first mentioned in formal position or title of Mr. (mister), Mrs. (misses) or miss (miss). In informal situations can skip the post and talk normal. Furthermore, as a very individualistic society, people use the words and actions to demonstrate or express their goals and objectives, often talks about pressing issues and then turn to more trivial issues.
At the time of eating is frownedburp or suck the soup while eating, because it takes as rudeness; When listening to music volume should be moderate to avoid causing nuisance to people nearby, which will be subtle but will highlight the discomfort.
Smoking in the United States has increasingly become a habit frowned upon by society Smoking is prohibited in public places, buildings, tanks, and transportation torestaurants, having a specific area for smokers. Cigarettes are sold to people over 21 years and with proper identification.
It is inappropriate to give or send the kids to buy cigarettes and throw it rude to smoke in someone's face.
Food and meals
Used to be a people of high consumption, we talk about all kinds of products, especially burgers, fries and other "junk food", which is often consumed by thelack of time for both cooking and eating. Although the United States also has food, ingredients and traditional preparations according to each of the states where they can find.
There is much variety of foods, low calorie products are found in any supermarket or kiosk, however, the custom of Americans consume fast food, which always have a high level of calories, trans fats, cholesterol, etc..not disappear.
Meals are breakfast, usually during the morning meal, more is usually a lunch and at about 11 am, and dinner, which takes between 6 and 8 pm. Sunday brunch gets used while students have a snack called snack or break during their free time.
More information about Eating and drinking in the U.S.


In the United States is customary to tip in different restaurants or barsbecause the service is not included in the care, the standard tip is usually 15% if the service was slow or bad you can leave 10%, however, whether it was good and satisfying may leave up to 20%.
The taxis are very similar, as the driver waits for the 15% tip, and if he was quite cordial and friendly you can leave 20%. In hotels it is also customary to give the buttons a tip of a dollar....
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