Costumbres, tradiciones, y dias de celebracion en la india

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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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traditios in india
In India traditionally there are four religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, the others as time came, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Somethingvery important in India is the way of greeting, greet a person used the word namaste, namaskar, or Namaskaram, coming from his hands to his chest as if praying and tilting her head forward as thetypical oriental bow, namaste is a way very old greeting and farewell humuldad symbolizes simplicity.
PS: the kiss on the cheek and a hug from male to female or vice versa is frowned upon and is a lackof rspeto.
It is also quite natural to see two men holding hands strolling and do not necessarily mean they are homsexuales is simply a way of expressing friendship. Another symbol of affection andrespect is giving away a bracelet called rakhi, this bracelet is made with red cotton thread, although passing the teimpo have been added gold thread and even precious stones, when the rakhiflatters someone is a symbol of affection, even respect, and that person is protected for one year is like a pact.
In some cities in India are still arranged marriages, most relatives of the couple, butfortunately there are fewer and marriages between minors.
One of the sacred animals of India are the cows, and anything that is a product of it is edible for us humans because they are considereddivine animals, cows symbolize the sacred concept of motherhood and vidaesta is the reason why they are untouchable.
It is very typical use of the tilak, bindi tilaka or a mole that is painted onthe front can vary depending on size and shape of the wearer (male, female, rich, poor), the bindi is a symbol of beauty, wisdom, energy and the power of comprencion.
The sari is the traditionalfemale attire considered an article of domestic use, wrapped one end of the fabric at the waist and then passes over the shoulders or head dress is very comfortable and offers luxurious look....