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Customs Law; definition of terms used in
Article 2.For the effects of this Law is considered:
I. Secretary, the Secretary of Property and Credit Public.
II. Customs authority and authorities, those that in agreement with the Rules of procedure of the Secretary and applicable dispositions, have competition to offer the faculties that this Law establishes.
III. Merchandise, theproducts, articles, effects and any other goods, even though the laws consider them inalienable or irreducible to particular property.
IV. Residents in national territory, plus of indicated in Fiscal law of the Federation, the physics people or moral residents abroad, that have one or several permanent establishments or fixed bases in the country, whenever accomplish the requirements that the Law ofTaxes indicates on the Rent to be permanent establishment or bases fixed and the people who obtain income by wages of a resident in national territory.
V. Taxes to the outer commerce, the general taxes of export according to the tariffs of the respective laws.
VI. Regulation, the Regulation of this Law.
VII. Rules, those of general character that emits the Secretary.
VIII. Automatizatedmechanism of selection, the mechanics that determined if the merchandise you would be sended to customs recognition or second recognition.
IX. Program of return of tariffs, the regime dew definitive import of merchandise for its later export.
X. Programs of diferimiento of tariffs, the regimes of temporary import for the elaboration, transformation or repair in programs of assemble or export;of I deposit public prosecutor; and of elaboration, transformation or repair in especial places controlled.

Import and export; documentation required in
Articulate 36. Who import or export merchandise would be forced to present/display before the customs, by conduit of agent or customs operator, a pediment in the official form approved by the Secretary. In the cases of the subjectmerchandise to regulations and nontariff restrictions whose fulfillment is demonstrated traves of average electronics, the pediment should have to include the electronic company/signature that demonstrates to the total or partial unloading of those regulations or restrictions. This pediment should have to accompany itself by:

I. In Import:
a) The commercial invoice that join the requirements anddata that by means of rules of the Secretary, when the value in the merchandise customs is determined according to the value of transaction and the value of these merchandise exceed the amount that establish these rules.
b) the knowledge of boarding in water traffic or guide in I deal aerial.
c) the documents that verify the fulfillment of the regulations and nontariff restrictions tothe import, that had been sent in agreement with the Law of Foreign trade, whenever the same ones are published in the Official Newspaper of the Federation and it identifies in terms of the tariff fraction and the nomenclature that corresponds to them according to the tariff of the Law of the General Tax of Import.
d) the document with base in which one determines the origin and the originof the merchandise for effects of the application of tariff preferences, compensatory quotas , cups, market of the origin country and other measures that to the effect settle down, in accordance with the applicable dispositions.
e) The document in which guaranty consists granted by means of I deposit carried out in the customs account of guaranty to that one talks about I articulate 84-Aof this Law, when the declared value is inferior to the calculated price that establishes this dependency.
f) the certificate of weight or volume sent by the company authorized certifier by the Secretary by means of rules, being the merchandise office in bulk in customs of I deal maritime in the cases that the regulation establishes.
g) the information that analysis allows to the...
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