Could colombia go the way of peru

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Could Colombia go the way of Peru?

In the latest years, a lot of things had happened in many countries in Latin America, a lot of government changes, the elections of new presidents, and reformsof the former ones. This article show us some numbers and comparison of what this changes have meaned to this countries and how are they right now, and we also are going to study a little bit deeper ofwhat is going on in Colombia socially, financially and politically with all these changes.

The article start saying that Peru held the first round of presidential elections a couple weeks ago, andsay that Ollanta Humala won the first round with 31 percent of the voting, maybe this is because of minimizing his nationalist message since 2006, last presidential elections where Alan Garcia wasthe chosen one.
And about Ms. Fujimori that author think that she is “an incompetent figure who has fed on her father’s lingering popularity and hopes to use the presidency to help resolve some of herfather’s legal problems, including charges if corruption and human rights violations. But he also thinks that neither candidate will take Peru in a positive direction.

Talking now about financesin Peru mention that Mr. Garcia and his “market-friendly” policies has grown up Peru’s economy in recent years, faster than any other country in Latin America, but there is still a lot of inequality inthe country.
But in spite of this numbers, Alan Garcia’s government is not very much approved, by the people, maybe because 17 percent of Peruvian population lacks of running water, compared toColombia that only have 7 percent, perhaps it is the drug-related violence in Peru.

Another difference with Colombia, maybe the biggest, is that we have very popular political figures, such as formerpresident Alvaro Uribe, which with his successful anti-guerrilla campaign made him the most powerful politician in recent Colombian history. His successor Juan Manuel Santos seems to be as popular...
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