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Tile: Travel

Overview: Renata talks to John about his experience of travel.

Language level: E3

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Teaching ideas:
•Getting students to talk about their experiences of travel.
• Childhood aspirations/ambitions/dreams.
• Use the images of maps provided. Can the studentsidentify the places mentioned? Use image with magnification to find place names at
• Looking at maps; points of the compass (northeast, south west, etc.); relative positions of countries (off the coast of, south of).
• Looking at differences between spoken and written language (false starts, repetitions,back channelling).
• Turn taking (how one speaker knows when it’s time for them to talk.)
• Idiomatic expressions.


• Emboldened wordsand chunks indicate colloquial or interesting language use.

|No. |speaker |conversation|
| |Renata: |So, what is your recent experience of travelling? |
| |John:|I’ve actually not travelled much abroad, erm, apart from conferences associated with my research for quite a long time |
| | |now. But erm as a kid I always wanted totravel. I read a lot of books about about travel and I- I was always fascinated |
| | |by what I read about other countries, so I worked abroad three- three times. I worked inAfrica, er I worked in Singapore,|
| | |and I’ve worked in North America, and each of those jobs gave me [the] opportunity to travel in surrounding countries so I|
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