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CP & CPK: What measures
PQC’s = 128
CPC’s = 268

PQC Features Measured 672
CPC Features Measured 1537

Process Capability (Cpk) Percentages

Cpk ˂ 1.0
Mar-11 Jun-11 Sep-11 Dec-11

1˂Cp ˂1.33 13 % 11 % 17 % 14 % 29 % 28 % 31 % 25 %

Cpk ˃1.33
58 % 61% 52 % 60 %

Less features were reported February 2012

All features are reported | Saltillo South Engine Plant

Quality ControlQuality Assurance activities


CP & CPK: How are measured
CPC and PQC are measured using different methods according characteristic nature: Inspection frequency established in control planIn line Gages 71 features

it is also monitored by HMI.
Surface Finish equipment 92 features

CMM 20 features Off line Gages 183 features Quality Assurance activities

February 2012Quality Control

| Saltillo South Engine Plant


CP & CPK, Quaterly Reporting
Cp and CPK results are reported in a quakerly basis. This information is shared to all the team as feedback foroperations improvement projects.
Qty of Critical Characteristics Identified = 366 Qty Capable of Measurement = 366 Curently Measuring = 366

February 2012

Quality Control

| Saltillo South EnginePlant

Quality Assurance activities


Cp/Cpk measurement by area (Head)

Data collection: o Collection and data entry is manual (Slow and time consuming). o Today we are using the“traffic light control charts” . These are helping to alert the operator and react to process variations o A new system (QDAS) implemented on April 2012. will be

February 2012

Quality Control

|Saltillo South Engine Plant

Quality Assurance activities


CP & CPK: Traffic Light Control Charts Implementation
Machines with lowest CP and CPK characteristics were picked to implement the “TLCharts”
M otores Saltillo Centenario Planta: Contacto: SanJuana Ovalle, M ayra Perez
Conocimiento Basico Punto de Atencion

Control de Calidad Departmento: 15 Octubre...
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