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HF Reader System Series 6000
S6500/S6550 Configuration and Host Protocol

Reference Guide


August 2001


S6500/S6550 Configuration and Host Protocol

August 2001

Edition One – August 2001
This is the first edition of this manual. It describes the S6500/S6550 configuration and host protocol.

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Read This First

About This Manual

This reference guide describes the configuration and control commands to adapt theS6500/S6550 Long Range Reader to the application requirements and the Reader/Host Protocol (ISO Protocol). It is designed for use by TI partners who are engineers experienced with Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) and software development.

Numerical Representations
The following figure formats are used: 0...9: decimal figures 0x00...0xFF: hexadecimal figures b0...1 binary figures Hexadecimalvalues in brackets "[ ]" mark a control byte (command). If bits within one byte contain the character "-", this means that these bits are reserved for future extensions or for internal testing and manufacturing functions. Bits containing the character "-" have a default value of zero (0). These bits must not be changed, as this may cause faulty operation of the Reader.

Thefollowing pictograms and designations are used in this document: Note: Indicates conditions that must be met or procedures that must be followed to ensure proper functioning.


S6500/S6550 Configuration and Host Protocol

August 2001

Terms and Abbreviations
The terms and abbreviations used in this manual can be found in the Terms and Abbreviations Manual, document number 11-03-21-002. Thismanual can be found in the document center on our homepage:

If You Need Assistance
For more information, please contact the sales office or distributor nearest you. This contact information can be found on our web site at:

Program Libraries
For support of programming application software and integration of the S6500/S6550 Long Range Reader intoa system, two program libraries are available:

• •

Program Library FEISC, which supports reader functionality, is described in document number 11-06-21-062. Program Library FECOM, which supports the serial interface, is described in document number 11-06-21-063.

These reference guides, as well as the program libraries themselves, can be found on our homepage at:
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