Luis SALAZAR SUCIO, FEO Y SINIESTRO An exhibition organized by Jorge Pedro Núñez & Axel Dibie 02/21 – 03/21/09 Luis Salazar made himself known on the Caracas art scene at the end of the 80’s as an artist on the edge of formal institutional conformity, developing a decadent universe that reflects contemporary trans-culturality. Cursed by nature, Luis Salazar says he comes from an urban underworld, Caracas, a place of flagrant socio-economic contrasts that make it one of the most violent and chaotic cities in existence. Luis Salazar’s creations are transfused with a destructive physical force that operates somewhere between an autodidactic drawingcontaminated by the history of art, fashion, television, urban violence, hard drugs and a drawing method liberated of all technical constraints. Under the title SUCIO, FEO Y SINIESTRO (dirty, ugly and sinister) Luis Salazar presents a series of recent paintings at the Galerie Crèvecoeur : portraits of show bizz personalities and roman emperors, busts of serial killers and comics heroes, large canvasses that superimpose history of art and popular culture. In his transgressive compositions Luis Salazar contrasts drawings that mix bitter sweet comic heroes with elements of the old masters : the Wizard of Oz rubs shoulders with the Caprices of War by Goya while the MolokoNova Milk drunk in Clockwork Orange sponsors seven stoned dwarves proclaiming their love for Sol Lewitt. Through his iconographic bulimia, Luis Salazar devours images to achieve a result akin to the uncontrollable vomiting fit induced by complex intoxication. Under this excess of references a pictorial work appears that is kept under tension by successive layers of paint in which submerged images made even more ambiguous by being half-erased. Luis Salazar works with he humour and inspiration of a compulsive artist with no hang-ups. He says “when looking at the work of other artists on the same theme, I realize that I was a savage, a wild thing”. The [continua]

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