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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2011
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The debate was a good exercise for the class. During my turn I just wish I had more time because I got nowhere at the beginning and by the time it was the nextperson’s turn I was barely getting into my point which was the flaws of the book “Of Pandas and People”. Since we started to learn about evolution it made more senseto me than my own religion or any other scientific theory. Evolution has a large amount of evidence and it explains life in a logic way. Even though the evolutionis just a theory and it does not explain everything I strongly believe in it more than any other theory just because it is supported by a large amount ofinformation and because it makes sense to me. I think that intelligent design should not be thought in a science classroom. I think so because intelligent design is a weaktheory since it has no proof to support it and it is very similar to creationism.
After the debate I pretty much felt the same way. Even though I stronglysupport evolution the debate did slightly changed my opinion on intelligent design. When I an so sure that something is true even though it is not completely true Iget to be a little bit close minded about different opinions, and this is what happened with evolution and intelligent design. So the debate reminded me thatevolution is just o theory and that it is not fully proven and that it has a few flaws. The debate also reminded me that there are other people who think differently andintelligent design is another theory. But overall the debate did not changed my opinion and I still feel the same way about intelligent design and evolution.
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