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Beginning Embedded Electronics - 8 - SparkFun Electronics

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Beginning Embedded Electronics - 8

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Beginning Embedded Electronics - 8
by Nate | June 19, 2008 | 20 comments

PasswordLecture 8 - Eagle: Schematics
Welcome to the wonderful world of PCB creation! We've used a few software packages over the years (namely Protel DXP) and have found Eagle Layout Editor from CadSoft to be very easy to use, very cost effective, and very powerful. Eagle is free! There are some limitations in place, but basic students and non-profit groups can use it. Protel is currently about$12,000 a seat. Eagle is not the 'hobbyists' tool you may think it is. I've seen some very complex 8-layer BGA boards going into a firewall/router consumer product. I too was amazed to hear it was created in Eagle. It can be done, you just need to dream up the device! There are a few files that you will need to download for this workshop.
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1. Download Eagle itself. Currently we use v4.16 (~8MB). Versions are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. If the above link does not work, google ?eagle pcb download? to get the latest version. 2. Download the SparkFun Eagle Library.This is the collection of all the components SparkFun designs with and therefore components and footprints that have been tested. Unzip and place the SparkFun.lbr file into the Eagle\lbr directory. If the above link does not work, google ? sparkfun eagle library? to get the latest collection. 3. Download the SparkFun Eagle keyboard shortcuts. Place this file in the Eagle\scr directory. If theabove link does not work, google ?sparkfun eagle shortcut?. 4. Download the SparkFun CAM file. Place this file in the Eagle\cam directory. This file is responsible for creating the gerber files for submission to a PCB fab house. Note: The SparkFun Eagle shortcut key script file has an .scr extension. This is a common virus infiltration method. If you choose to download our keyboard shortcuts, and youdon't trust us, rename the file to a .txt extension and view it in a text viewer. There's nothing there but text and Eagle commands. Just be sure to rename the file to the .scr extension so that Eagle will use it. To learn how to use Eagle, we are going to create a simple breakout board for a popular USB IC. The FT232RL is a USB to TTL serial converter.

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Beginning Embedded Electronics - 8 - SparkFun Electronics


What is a USB to TTLconverter? Once the FT232RL is attached to the USB port on your computer, you will need to install some simple drivers (available for Windows, Linux, Mac), and then you will see a Virtual Com Port (VCP) appear on your computer. You can then use hyperterminal to open this new com port number. Any letters that are typed in hyperterminal are converted to a USB packet in the background, sent down the USB...
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