Crear una civilizacion

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1. Introduction

1.1 Kingdom
1.1.2 Name, location, Map

2. Content

2.1 Central Government
2.1.2 Laws, Power at laws, Army
2.3 Social Government class
2.3.1 Social classes, Economy2.4 Arts and Architecture
2.4.1 Craft, Materials, Places Buildings, material to builds
2.5 Writing
2.5.1 Symbols, name of the writing.

1. Introduction
1.1 Kingdom
Name: Padeli

1.1.2. Name,location, Map
Location: In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a little near to Hawaii, but enough far from everything for not hearing anything. Padeli is an island of 2000 sq. meters.


2.1 Central goverment
The government of Padeli is a very liberalize government. It is made of a Queen and a King
The queen is Shajed & the king is King Padeli. This government it’s opento new options of live and options of opportunities and hope. This kingdom make that the people have more opportunities to have a good education and learn more about the new opportunities. The queenand the king make some laws to protect their kingdoms for others intrusions. In the government also exist the commoners that are the second authorities of the government.
2.1.2. Laws, Power at laws,Army
Our kingdom is made of laws, power at laws, and an army
Laws: the laws of this kingdom are
I. You can’t kill anyone unless you are in a battle.
II. People that do smugglingthings to our kingdom will be punished with minimum 7 years on prison.
III. All persons who have a business must pay to kingdom quarter of its profits to improve their business and the rest of thecity.
IV. All the citizen have to respect them self.
V. Women’s have to be respect such they are.
VI. Women’s and Mans can have their own business.
VII. Parents may not leave theirchildren alone at least one person with full responsibility to them.
VIII. The citizens most have their kingdom clean.
IX. The citizens that don’t follow some of these laws will be punished....