Crime in schols

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Crime in the Schools: Reducing
Conflict With Student Problem Solving

Forty years ago, surveys of public school teachers indicated that the most pressing classroom problems were tardiness,talkative students, and gum chewing.1 Far more serious complaints are currently heard from teachers, administrators, and students about the presence of drugs, gangs, and weapons on campus and the threat ofassault, robbery, theft, vandalism, and rape.

Worse yet, survey research by the American Federation of Teachers suggests that the presence of drugs and weapons on campus substantially increasesstudent violence.5 Similarly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National School Boards Association reported that by the early 1990s, 3 million thefts and violent crimes were occurring each yearon or near school campuses.6 Since then, most research on school crime and disorder has indicated that disruptive incidents, the use of drugs, and the presence of guns and other weapons have beensteadily declining.

Still, the estimated incidence of campusbased crimes and disorder remains unacceptably high, leaving concerned individuals to suggest that it is difficult for many high schools tobe the orderly, safe, and secure places they must be if effective learning is to take place.


the need for participation of teachers and parents in the prevention of crime supported therevision of backpacks that is only for them.

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Delito en las Escuelas:
Reducción Conflicto con el problema de Estudiantes Solución

Hace cuarenta años, las encuestas de maestros deescuelas públicas indicó que los problemas más acuciantes de las aulas fueron tardanzas, los estudiantes hablador, y la goma de chewing.1 Mucho más graves son las denuncias actualmente oído de los...
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