Crimen y castigo

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Cano Torres Fernando Adrian
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Work book unit 9 page 77

2) Choose the correct response. Write the letter on the line.

1. e “Oh, no! The train’s leaving in four minutes.” a. Really? How was the flight?
2. a “I took Northern Airlines to Hong Kong.” b. Once or twice a year
3. d “I’m looking for the departure gate.” c.Yes, I am. You too?
4. c “Are you taking the 8:30 train?” d. Which one?
5. b “How often do you fly?” e. We should hurry!

3) Put the conversation in order. Write the number on the line.

1 Can I help you?
7 Let’s see. The local leaves from track 23, lower level.
6 That sounds OK. What’s the tracknumber?
4 Oh, no! What should I do?
2 Yes. Can I still make the 10:05 express train to Antwerp?
3 Sorry, you missed it.
5 Well, you could take a local train. There’s one at 11:05
8 Thanks very much.

Page 78
4) Choose the correct response. Circle the letter.
1. “I missed the 7:30. What should I do?”
a. No, I’m sorry. b. You could take the 9:10. c.It left five minutes ago.
2. “The next bus is at 5:50. “
a. Is it an express? b. It is a direct flight? c. One way pr round trip?
3. “One way or round trip?”
a. Two tickets, please. b. Yes, please. c. One way.
4. “Oh, no! The train is leaving in three minutes!”
a. No, I’m sorry. b. No, you couldn’t.c. We should hurry!
6) Complete each sentence or question. Use could or should and the base form of the verb.
1. Want my advice? You should take the express. You could take the local, but it takes Thirty minutes longer.
2. You should hurry! You could make the 7:30!
3. She should buy round-trip tickets. They are cheaper than two one-way tickets, and she won’t Have to waitin another ticket line.
4. We should take an aisle seat in the rear of the plane or a window seat in the front.
What do you think? What seats could we take?
5. The flight is delayed. We should be late for the meeting. We could call the office?
6. No, they shouldn’t get a direct flight. They tried, but all the flights had a stop in Anchorage.

Page 79
8) Complete the conversation. Use wordsfrom the box.
Limousine going should late arriving reservation rental

A: What time are we arriving in Copenhagen?
B: Pretty late. Around 10:30 p.m.
A: What about a hotel?
B: I’m going to make a reservation online.
A: Great. And are we should to need a taxi to the hotel?
B: There’s a limousine from the airport, or wecould get a rental car.
A: They’re expensive. I think we’re going save our money.
B: You’re right. And walking is good exercise.

Page 80
9) What are they going to do? Write the letter on the line.
1. D She’s going to make a reservation. 3. C She’s going to take a limo.
2. A He’s going to get in at 8:45. 4. B He’s not going to take a taxi.10) Read the responses. Complete each question with be going to and the base form of the verb.
1. A: Where is Paul going to meet us?
B: Paul’s going to meet us at the airport café.
2. A: Who is going to buy the tickets?
B: I think Gretchen is going to buy the tickets.
3. A: When do you need a rental car?
B: I’m going to need the rental car on Thursday and Friday.
4. A: What time are theygoing to arrive?
B: They’re going to arrive at 5:50 p.m.
5. A:
B: Yes, we’ll make it.
Page 81

11) WHAT ABOUT YOU? What are your plans for today? Complete the chart. Put a check in the box.
| I did this | I’m going to do this | I’m not going to do this |
Call a friend | | X | |
Check my e-mail | X | | |
Go shopping | | X | |
Clean my house | X | | |
Cook | | | X |...
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