Crisis (economic)

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Employment may be consider as a contract between two parts, one is the employer and the other is the employee.
Employment is the work in which one is involved or have anoccupation. Also it’s an activity where people devote time in order to earn money, and these people formed the percentage or number of people gainfully employed.
External shock
An external shockis an unpredicted change in an economic variable that originates from outside of an economic system, especially a country. An example might be an increase in the price of oil having an impact on firm'scosts of production.
Public refers to all that concern of all the people.
Private refers to all that are not for general or public use.
Is a contractualrelationship between two or more parts that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal. In this relationship the parts are incurring liability forlosses and the right to share in the profits.
Output is the act or process of producing; is an amount produced or manufactured during a certain time.
Social Welfare
Are the different thesocial services provided by a state for the benefit of its citizens, is the governmental provision of economic assistance to persons in need. Example: government provision for unemployed that UnitedStates gives to its citizens.
A dictum is an authoritative declaration.
Refers of or relating to policies intended to allow people to participate in and benefit from decisions madeby enterprises in which they have a stake.
A quota is a proportional share or a distribution, as of goods, assigned to a group or to each member of a group; an allotment.
Tariff isa type of tax imposed by a government on imports or occasionally exports in order to protect or support the balance of payments, or the raising of revenue.
Is a set of assumptions,...
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