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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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He was born in a modest family of 9 brothers in Recife, Brazil. When he was eight years old he began to demonstrate his interest for art and the abilities he had, drawing over recycled materials hefound all over the place. At the age of fourteen he realizes his first exhibit where he sells his first painting to the OEA. Then he had the opportunity to travel to several countries in Europe wherehis interest for art prosper even more. Later in life he installed himself in Miami where he exhibit his art in the streets, recognized publicists from the city began to work with him until his lifechanging opportunity arrived, the president of Absolut Vodka invited him to paint some products for his company like many recognized Pop Art artists had do in the past. His announcements soon appearedall over the world and Britto began his popular career. Later on he was hired by companies like Pepsi, Disney, IBM and others. Now twenty years have passed and he has a foundation that had his namewhich helps several organizations.
The artist has an amazing style that really looks perfect to the eye, with bold lines and paths that he has transform to his trademarks. He is an interesting artistwho has lead pop art through a new highway that is completely different inside the style boundaries. He uses very vivid colors that create fabulous effects and really call for the attention of anyviewer. When you look to any of his pieces you can only think in the person behind that whole story, about the humble kid that clearly had a very happy childhood and now has a happy life with his family.He demonstrates he will always be a kid in the inside and that his great contrast and figures create amazing images that hallucinate everyone who sees it.
My favorite piece of his originalcollection is the Atlantic Family Tree which was painted in 2004 in a canvas surface and acrylic. What I like about this painting is the amazing contrast that he uses, the way the faces with so little...
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