Critical mind

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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2011
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Lizeth Natalia Rios Garzón
A critical mind
As a future language teacher is necessary to educate responsible and critic’s children in their opinion aboutthe media. The idea is not to remove the child from the media but to create in-depth critical thinking about what see, hear and learn.
About racism andsexism in the media presented the child must be a critical viewer who thinks and can sort good and bad content and presenting solutions and alternatives forpromote change.
The teacher can expose different situation about racism and sexism in TV, cartons, movies … and promote a debate where the child can defenda view and hear others opinions with the same importance and finally take all the elements presented and create a new opinion.
The council oninternational books for children exposes the most common situation where racism is promoted, the typical “white” hero that defeats the evil “black” or infinitesnick-names for called people of color. The principal intention is expose the effects in the children and how counteract this situation.
A future language teachershould read about all aspects related with the daily life and the racism and sexism is also an issue that concerns the tack of educating children with moraland view critical.
The teacher can teach the child to value judgments honest and create a critical mind not to copy the same attitude presented in themedia and apply new ways of seeing the world.

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