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  • Publicado : 16 de diciembre de 2011
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Analysis of Article South America seeks to Fill the World's Table by: Larry Rohter Introduction:
In the article " South America seeks to Fill the World's Table" from New York times, talk about the increase in the economy in South America especially in Brazil, as a result of a good agricultural financial management and a good investigation about how to have a better land and more production.However, all these advances in this period of big increase, the environment wasn't important for them, representing a huge problem for the ecosystem.

The article has important points which talks about how South America can represent a big Agricultural power. Also how the global economy can be affected especially in big countries where the weather is not so good and it changes every periodof time; the impact on the price of the products, and how the big companies invest in the lands of South America.

Brazil "an agricultural superpower"
South America for its geographic location has many benefits, like a productive land and especially the tropical weather. Being this Southern continent a place perfect for agriculture, Brazil is one of the most important representatives of thisbig boom that can means a change for the crisis in South America. In this case the article is about Brazil which found a way to take advantage from their land, being the number one in productions for new products that they never cultivated before, and this progress is the result of a good mix of actions like economical politics, and agricultural advances. For this reason Brazil could overtakecountries like United States and Europe; the problem of this big growth is how it affects the environment by changing the lands use. In this case, jungle for agricultural land means "There has been a silent revolution in the countryside" according to Roberto Rodrigues. All the demand from the world makes Brazil a productive country which now can be competing with everyone, increasing their type ofproducts that before they never cultivated and rising their old production. For the farmers their life changed completely for a best economical situation because now they have more production and now more farms and it means more people working; it brings social consequences such as less poverty and a reduction in crime. The agriculture for them is a way of life, in a place rich of resources becausethey had 2 or 3 harvests in the year with products like soybeans, cotton, pork. In some places like China, Russia, Pakistan, it can means for some countries that spring is over and now the spring it is permanently in South America. So they will have products from some seasons all the year.

Brazil's 'Green Anchor'
For Brazil, agriculture represents $150 millions every year, so it is the 40% oftheir exportations. For them, the "green anchor" of their economy are their most important products such as chickens, orange juice, sugar, coffee and tobacco and so far, soybeans too. Furthermore a

grass-fed herd of 175 million is bigger than the same herd in United States. All this big progress help the government to have better incomes facilitating new advances in the country. For example theyreceive like $2.5 billion for meat, taking advantage of different circumstances, like mad cow disease in Europe and avian flu in Asia. At the start of this process all the land had a low price, so it was an opportunity for the farmers, and Brazilian people learned how to use in the best way their land using lime and phosphorus and make it more productive. And now, they can have new products likecotton, corn and others. On the other hand, they were making new investigations for new products like more than 40 kinds of soy. They also develop breeds of cattle for the tropics which is lower in fat and cholesterol, and also different kinds of tropical wheat, all of these advances show that they had an important scientific and solid base.

Government's Helping Hand
The government change...
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