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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Overview Demo

Demo Focus Points: Improve user adoption, streamline business processes and gain visibility into your business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
This exercise will demonstrate how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can help businesses centralize customer information, standardize processes and gain insight into their business. This demo usesthe Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Outlook client to walk through some key scenarios, such as tracking Outlook Contacts and Emails in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online system and email to Opportunity promotion. It also shows how to automate and monitor the sales cycle through Workflow and analyze the sales pipeline with Reporting, all within the Outlook client.
Demo Setup
For this demoscript and other general CRM demos, Partners may use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Virtual Machine to run the on-premise product. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Virtual Machine can be downloaded from For Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online demos, Partners can gain access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for themselves and their customers through the 30-day trial program.For more information, please call 1-800-CRM-CHOICE. Below are the steps if connecting to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online:

NOTE: To use this demo script, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Outlook client must be installed and configured. Please ensure that you download the client specifically for Online, not on-premise.
* Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Outlook:
*Download client from:
* Extract and run setupclient
* Configure Outlook to connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Service:
* Open Outlook
* Click “Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook” button on toolbar to run the configuration wizard
* Click “Next”
* Connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM at: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online* Enter Windows Live ID and password

Unifying Software + Services: Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
A day in the life: | Actions |
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online extends the native Office experience by adding CRM features and capabilities directly into Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. What you are looking at is Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 talking to an onlinesoftware service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. We have specifically added a new Outlook Add-in that communicates with, and synchronizes data in real-time between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The Outlook Add-in supplies the following into Outlook: 1. A CRM Toolbar provides one-click access to track existing Outlook Data – such as Contacts, Tasks, Appointmentsand, 2. The CRM Application Navigation Folders to unify CRM Data with Microsoft Office OutlookBy extending the native Office and Outlook experiences, we aim to give business professionals access to powerful tools and information needed to develop, keep and grow customer relationships. | Click “Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM” from the Favorite Folders. |

Make CRM Easy to Use: Easy toUse, Easy to Adopt
A day in the life: | Actions |
Nobody likes to re-enter data. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online allows you to upload your Business Contacts, Appointments and Tasks into a shared customer database with a single mouse click. Once this data has been uploaded to the CRM system, all updates made at the server will automatically synchronize to Outlook – ensuring that your Contactinformation always stays up to date. | Click Microsoft Office Outlook Contacts. Hold the Shift key and select the first column of Outlook Contacts. Click “Track in CRM” to promote these contacts to CRM. Click on “Mail” in Microsoft Outlook and click on your “Inbox”. |
Have you ever gotten an e-mail that you would like to pass over to the sales team for immediate follow-up? With Microsoft...
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