Crucible of terror

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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2010
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Max Liebster was a survivor of the Nazi regime and through his testimony, a book called crucible of terror he recounts all the difficult situations that he lived in theconcentration camps. He tells his story but also the story of hundreds of people, including Jewish, Jehovah’s witnesses and other prisoners that suffered by Hitler’s organization.This is such a touching story showing how those terrible and horrendous times were and how faith and hope reigned despite the punishments and the deplorable living conditions.And is precisely the faith the starting point because it is shown as the main matter of discussion throughout this conflict. But what does faith mean? It’s a tough question andmay differ from everybody; however faith is defined as the confident belief or trust in the truth of a person, an idea, or thing that is not based on proof and it’s directlyrelated to beliefs.

In the story we can see on one hand how non Jewish Germans have their own beliefs, they just thought that they were the superior race and they had no proof ofit but they had such a high conviction and they believed that because of their beliefs they had the power to submit those who think different. On the other hand there were theJewish, Jehovah’s witnesses, Catholics, socialists, communists those who thought different from the Nazis and here Faith play an important role because it gave them in somecases the mental force to overcome the problems and not to give up, they never resign to the Nazis on the contrary they resisted by carrying the message of Jesus proudly andbravely. So Faith was in one part the redeemer and in the other one the punisher.

We can locate several situations that illustrate better all that mentioned before for example
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