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Horizontal (flat)
1. carnation
They need of very special environmental conditions for their correct one I develop since it requires a high gradeof humidity and high temperature.
3.- Tulips
They come from central and western Asia, they exist 5000 species approximately, contained in 15families
4.- Roses
This formed by a well-known group of thorny and florid bushes, main representatives of the family of the rosy ones.

5.- SunflowersThey are cultivated for food, seeds and oils; their name comes from the Greek "helium’s" that means sun
10.- the irises
it is one of the flowers butpopular in the alone United, overcome Kingdom for the roses, globally they are the fourth flower but popular

Vertical (Upright)

2.- iris
Intime of drought the typical characteristic of that flower is that he/she has three petals, often calls "standard."
6.- Gladiolus
it is also referredcommonly as the sword iris, due to their leaves in sword form
7. - Cherry tree flowers
it is one of the flowers but beautiful due a sus
brilliantcolors, during the arrival of the spring, they are some of the views that somebody can perceive
8.- Flower of Easter
They are very popular plants,especially during the navidad, colored brilliantly, and their red bigger part.
9.- violets
He/she has an evasive scent in their flowers that it is abigger component that the scent based on a made up of nail polish remover called ionone that you/they desensitize the receivers temporarily in the nose