Crusades analysis

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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2010
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Story of Faith Essay
Comments and analysis of the reading on Crusades

Juan David Echeverri

Story of Faith Essay
Comments and analysis of the reading on Crusades
In this essay my aim is toanalyze and criticize the article about the crusades, and express my thoughts and feelings about it. I invite you to read the following small essay were I wrestle with thoughts that have surfaced andresurfaced after thinking and reading the crusades article.
When we talk about the crusades, our modern history has some very critical and negative views on this stage of our past, and after readingthis article, I can’t help but feel the same way. Having the Christian Leaders at the time (the popes) supporting, arranging and even planning some of these crusades. Christianity being involved inwars in the name of God to recover “his” land began from a political stand point then moved on to be a religious accepted thing to do.
After reading the article, my thoughts are confused and maybethere is a bit of anger in me, with the church and how no scholar, no one ever thought that recovering Jerusalem wasn’t part of God’s will or even that if you fought you would be forgiven. But then Icome back to my senses and I remember that what happened is that the church stopped being the church and started being a religion, a cultural thing, or something you do once a week. The church wasn’tanymore about Christ, it was about territory. And this is everyone’s fault, but it falls firstly to the leaders of the church, the ones that are supposed to know the Bible better than anyone and have agood relationship with God. It is a sad moment in history and I am certainly not proud of this part of my heritage as a Christian.
The pope and the Christians leaders should have never been involvedon a military attack on any nation or to recover the holy land because it wasn’t their call. If emperors wanted land back or wanted new land, this fights should have been done in the name of a...
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