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12 the attack of the demons
The children advanced quickly and they waited near the castle. When it lacked little for the dawn the children were placed a horn in the head, they got dressed with alap of it boils and they painted black lines in their bodies, they were thrilling. Rudolf prepares with vegetable coal, bird grounds and the head of the wax matches a stink bomb that I explode tomoment of the attack. The small demons ran making strange noises toward the patio of weapons. Where they demanded the delivery of the sacred children. The count, fearful, gives to the 52 children that hehad kidnapped, the devils they guided them outside of the castle and they began his escape. The 52 prisoners with their abductors went into quickly in the forest and alone they stopped to pick up thegears of the devils. They remained hidden in the forest until the evening. At night following they united to the crusade, where they already gave them for lost.
13 the Alps
He exercisescontinuous their road for the mountains of Karwendel a road hindered by the constant rain, the wild animals, the avalanches, the snakes and the pneumonia. Wilhelm lost the life due to the attack of a bear.With many difficulties they arrived to the summit and they began the descent until the valley of Inn that was wide, quite flat and fertile. There he/she was the city of Innsbruck where they were receivedhospitally. The children for the first time for a long time took milk and they ate vegetables. Fortunately the sun lit again, the children dried their dresses and they could rest. They sold theirsheep in exchange for ham and sausages. Once they had rested they started and they began to climb mountains escarped by tortuous paths. After reaching a towering summit they descended to another valley,fertile and taken a bath by a foamy river that I take them until the city of Bolzano. The inhabitants of Bolzano marveled when seeing the 7000 children that had crossed or n hell and now they sang...