Cry freedom; grita libertad

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Cry Freedom

* Make a full description on three of the characters in the book.

Bantu Stephen Biko: He is the main character of the book and is a black political leader, married to a womancalled Ntsiki and has two children. He is a prohibited person and it means that he cannot be with more than one person at a time, except with her ​​family. He is dramatic, brave and fighst for hisideals. He fights against racism and wants to bring together white and black people of South Africa. He faces exclusion system in which he had played birth (apartheid). He wants flood generations in povertyto have access to enjoy the same opportunities as white people and wonders the role of white "liberals" in the black movements. For Biko, black people must lead their own organizations and determineon their own, goals and priorities, a position for which he was accused of promoting hatred and division among South Africans. Finally, he dead due to serious head injuries even though the governmentdenied giving Biko these injuries, but police officers admitted to beating Biko to the point of nerve and brain damage.

Donald Woods: Donald James Woods is a white South African journalist andanti-apartheid activist. He is married with Wendy and has five children. Woods is forty-two years old, and physically, has long curly hair and wears glasses. He is the editor of the Daily Dispatch inSouth Africa and helps Biko fighting against apartheid, publishing news about the injustice of racism in South Africa. His character is constantly evolving as their ideals are not the same throughout theplot. First he thought in no black concious and then met Biko and he realized that things were not like he thought and therefore he decided helping him and that is why finally Woods and his familyhas to flight the country for a life of exile in England. As the plot unfolds, it is easy to see that this story has no single star so Woods is one of the main characters too.

Jimmy Kruger: He is...
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