Csr en el mundo de globalizacion

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A thesis presented to the Faculty of the La Salle University in a partial fulfillment
of the requirements for the International Programme and the
Degrees of Bachelor of Business Administration and
Bachelor of Business in International Relations

The Changing Responsibility of Corporations
as a consequence of Globalization:
Threats and Opportunities

The Final Thesis of: Lina VysotskaPromoter: Prof. Jonathan Hayes
Barcelona, Spain – 17th May 2007


|1.0 |Executive summary |4 |
|1.1 |Introduction |6 ||1.2 |Advantages and disadvantages of globalization |7 |
|1.3 |Who profits from globalization |9 |
|1.4 |Economic development and free trade: its relevance in globalization|9 |
|1.5 |Democratization and corporate Expansion |12 |
|1.6 |The impact of technology |14 |
|2.1|Global corporations’ search for profits |15 |
|3.1 |Corporate responsibility and globalization |19 |
|3.2 |Who are targets for CSR and why|24 |
|3.3 |A new economic model |24 |
|3.4 |Who determines the Policy Agenda |26 |
|3.5 |Why corporationsneed to be socially responsible |27 |
|3.6 |What are the alternatives to CSR? |30 |
|4.1 |Integrating CSR in society|36 |
|4.2 |Strategies that go beyond best practices |37 |
| | Conclusions |39 |
| | Annex|41 |
| | References |42 |

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Executive summary

Objectives: To understand how the responsibilities of corporations have shifted asglobalization has intensified, in particular, since the beginning of the Millennium.

To discover: This thesis aims to identify the key issues that globalization has brought about in the market place, analyzing the implications for corporations as profit centers and as corporate citizens. By addressing the elements that gave rise to the globalization phenomenon, some of the challenges the...
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