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wine sector swot anaysis
• Consistent wine quality in premium sectors
• Position in export market, Brand Australia.
• Skilled and educated industry/adaptable/flexible/innovative
•Educational and training facilities
• Close to Asian market
• High level of industry integration
• Strong RD&E support
• Regional diversity, differentiation and marketing
• Good marketing skills
•Good strategic planning processes
• Tourism contributes to local economy
• High technology base
• Clean and green reputation
• Focus on 2 centres viz WIC and NWGIC
• Strong regional RD&Ecapability focus on strategic priorities
• Generational opportunities: new thinking, well educated potential new leaders
• Good problem solving in production
• Increasing efficiency in water usage
• AWRIindustry owned R&D provider
• AWRI nodes strategy
• High level of R & D transfer WEAKNESSES
• RD&E $$ linked to annual crush
• Low returns on investment
• Grower reliance on big 6 for contractedsupply
• Overinvestment in cool/temperate areas
• Poor application/extension of research
• Decline in value per litre of exports
• Tendency to keep intellectual property to selves
• Educationskills could be improved
• Limited knowledge of consumer insights and drivers
• Younger industry members are not getting the opportunity to contribute
• Poor methodology about understanding consumerpreferences.
• Access to new varieties and clones
• Lead times for importing new genetic material,
• Uncoordinated pathway for introduction of new varieties, clones and rootstocks.OPPORTUNITIES
• New market development – Asia
• Climate change – new areas of production/new varieties/R&D opportunities
• Wine tourism
• Structural change to enhance sustainability
• Availability ofinternational post doctorates
• Enhance/promote University courses for viticulture/oenology
• GM and biotechnologies
• Innovative packaging
• Improvements in applying/delivering research
• Greater...
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