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Read this story and answer the questions which follow:


Once upon a time there was a very naughty shepherd boy. He often fell asleep while he was watching hissheep. And he told lies. The villagers shook their heads and said, “That boy will come to a bad end”.

One day when he was feeling bored, the boy decided to play a practical joke on the villagers.He ran down the hill. Wolf! Wolf! He cried. Help! Come quickly. Wolf! All the villagers seized their spears and ran to help him. But there was no wolf. “He heard you and ran away” the boy said. Wheneveryone had left, he started to laugh.

Three weeks later he was feeling very bored again and he decided to play the same trick a second time. “Wolf! Wolf!” he shouted “help! Come quickly, Wolf!Most of the villagers hurried to help him. This time the boy laughed at them. “Ha, ha, there was no wolf” he said. “What a good joke” The villagers were very angry. “Lies are not jokes” they said.Two days later the boy woke up suddenly. He had fallen asleep in the afternoon sun…What was that big dark animal coming towards his flock?. Suddenly it seized a lamb. Wolf! screamed the boy. “Wolf!Help! Como quickly! Wolf. But none of the villagers came to help him. He screamed again. The wolf heard him and licked its lips. “I like lamb” thought the wolf, “but shepherd tastes even better”.

Whenthe shepherd didn’t come home that night, some of the villagers went to look for him, but they never found him.

Lea esta historia y responder a laspreguntas que siguen:

El niño que gritó lobo.

Érase una vez un pastor muy travieso. Con frecuencia se quedaba dormido mientras miraba a sus ovejas. Y él decía mentiras. Los aldeanos negaron con lacabeza y dijo: "Ese chico va a llegar a un final malo".

Un día, cuando se sentía aburrido, el niño decidió jugar una broma a los aldeanos. Bajó corriendo la colina. Lobo! Lobo! Lloró. Ayuda! Ven...
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