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Herb Tea Angel
by Deb Antonick (design inspiration by Terrye French)

Herb Tea Angel
By Deb Antonick (design inspiration by Terrye French)

Decoart Americana Acrylics
Antique Maroon #13160
Burnt Sienna #13063
Evergreen #13082
French Mauve #13186
Lamp Black #13067
Marigold #13194
Mocha #13060
Slate Grey #13068
Traditional Raw Sienna #13222
Wasabi Green #13519

BlueMist #13178
Dioxazine Purple #13101
Fawn #13242
French Vanilla #13184
Light Buttermilk #13164
Mauve #13026
Purple Cow #13262
Traditional Burnt Umber #13221
Warm White #13239
Wedgewood Blue #13038

Herb Shelf #62670

Misc. Supplies:
Decoart Easy Float #87396
Decoart MultiPurpose Sealer #87392
DecoArt Staining & Antiquing Medium #84126
Soft Grip Embossing & Stylus – set of 3#70125
Large Sanding Pad, Fine/Medium #70796
Decoart Acrylic Sealer/Finisher – Matte #70836
Palette Paper #70560
DecoArt Wood Glue #70246

Papillon by the Artist’s Club
4 Piece Highlighter set #20173
Liner, size 2 #20148
Script Liner, size 10/0 #20137
Angular Shader, size ¼:” #20109; size ½” #20111; size 5/8” #20112
Shader, size 4 #20126; size 6 #20127; size 8 #20129
ArtistInspired Brushes – Maxine Thomas Mops
Maxine Thomas Mop, size 1” #27178; size ½” #27179

Deb’s Techniques:
Drybrush method: I drybrush all of my highlights unless otherwise mentioned.
The brush must be dry. When drybrushing, I load my paint from a dry surface, not a wet palette
as the moisture will get into the brush and make the paint go on smudgy. I also keep an old towel
handy; it isgreat for cleaning the brush between colors.
To start, load the brush by tipping it into the first color, wipe most of the paint off on a paper towel. Lightly brush the surface in a circular or side to side motion. The harder you press, the more

color you will get. Start light to see how heavy you need to go. The first drybrush coat should
allow some of the background to still show through.Clean the brush as best you can on your old towel, then pick up the next color is required. Apply
in the same manner using less.
Float / Shade: Float color with the Angular Shader. I like to put a few drops of DecoArt Easy Float
in my water. Mop to soften with Maxine’s Mop.
Line: Unless otherwise stated, all lining is done with the #10/0 Liner and the paint watered down to
an ink likeconsistency.
Basecoat: Use the brush that best fits the area size.

Seal the surface with DecoArt All Purpose Sealer. Sand. Wipe away any sanding dust with a damp
Basecoat the entire surface with French Mauve. Let dry.
Sand to expose the outer edges and more so on the surface if you would like a more aged look.
Antique the surface now with a damp cloth dipped in Traditional BurntUmber mixed 1:1 with
DecoArt Staining & Antiquing Medium. Rub over the entire surface; this will give a very nice aged
effect. If it gets too dark, just rub again with a clean piece of the damp cloth. Let dry.
Drybrush the entire surface using the #1 Highlighter with French Mauve. This will brighten the
surface up in spots. Drybrush more random patches with Light Buttermilk.
Trace on basicpattern lines.
Note: I like to shade around the outer edges of the design before I start painting. I will deepen all
the shading at the end.
Shade around the all the design elements with Mauve.
Please read through all the instructions before you start painting.

Painting Instructions:
Refer to the color photo for shading and detail placement.
Angel Wings: Basecoat the wings with asoft wash of Light Buttermilk. Drybrush the wings with
Warm White. Float shade the bottom tips of the wings with Fawn. Float a highlight across the tops

of the wings with Warm White.
Face and Hands: Basecoat with Mocha. Shade the base of the hands and the back of the head
with Burnt Sienna. Drybrush the cheeks with Mauve. Line the stitching on the head with Traditional Burnt Umber. Line...
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