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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2010
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The Ugly Duckling, The Nightingale, The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina and The Emperor's New Clothes are some of the stories written by the Danish Hans Christian Andersen.

From my point of view, inthese fairy tales Andersen manages to convey to children different values like love, sadness, happiness, etc. through a very simple language.
The story of the ugly duckling is about a duck that wasborn ugly. Nobody wanted to play with him and everyone laughed. But when spring came he realized that was not bad because it had become a beautiful swan.

In the story of the nightingale, the Emperorof China learns that one of the most beautiful of his empire is the song of the nightingale. The emperor comes to keeping the captive nightingale but fails, so he ordered one of his servants who do amechanical bird. The emperor was deathly ill when the mechanical bird breaks due to excessive use. However the real nightingale learns the status of the Emperor and going to the palace to sing. Theemperor recovers his health by listening to the nightingale's song.

Thumbelina's story is about a woman who wanted a child and it turned to a witch who gave him a barley seed. The woman planted theseed and was born shortly after a flower, which when opened reveals, the little girl. Not to be larger than a thumb, she decided to call it Tiny. One night while sleeping Thumbelina, was kidnapped by afrog who wanted to marry she with your child. After navigating the river with them, subject to a butterfly does and get away from the frogs. She begins his daily struggle against the world of the bigthings. Until, after having gone through many ordeals, she meets a prince, who marries with she and they lives happily ever after.
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TheEmperor's New Clothes "tells the story of a clever rogue who manages to fool the king saying that they have made the best costume of the kingdom but that only smart people can see it. They manage to...