Cuatro bodas y un funeral

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In the first wedding Charles is the best man. Charles and his friend got up late but not arrived late to the event. Charles forgot the rings and he asked help to friends thatwere among the guests. At the banquet Charles knows Carrie and she is an American woman and Charles falls in love to her. Tow friends of charles are single and make love that night. Charles and Carriesleep in the same hotel and make love too. The next morning Carrie backs to america.

The Second Wedding:
In the second wedding the friends of Charles, Bernard and Lydia married but Charles isn'tthe best man. Her friend Scarlett and Charles arrived late too. Charles meet with his ex girl-friend. Charles gets into a room because he sees carrie with her boyfriend and suddenly the newlyweds getinto the room and they begin to make love. Charles hid in a closet and later he came out and he said to the newlyweds that he lost a pencil and he have just found. Later Carrie arrived and Charlesand she went to an hotel and make love again.

Charles has a free saturday and Scarlett gave him the breakfast to the bed.
Chales received mail and he received a letter fromCarrie, the letter said that Carrie marries with her boyfriend.Charles went to a shop and he found Carrie. Carrie said Charles if he had a free half-hour, he said yes and they went to a shop of dress forbride. Charles help to Carrie to choose the dress and Charles remembers that he has met with her brother. Charles is with his brother and ran very fast for to said Carrie "I Love You"


The third weddind is the wedding of Carrie and her boyfriend. In this wedding a friend of Charles was dancing with an american woman and he suffers an heart attack and he dies.


Is the funeral of Gareth and all his friend went to the funeral.Carrien went to the funeral too and Charles see her.


Is the weddind of Charles and her ex girlfriend...
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