Cuba foreign policies

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After achieving revolution in his own country, castro became an international character. His aim was to expand revolution around the third world countries like Africa and Latin America in the 1960sand 1970s . his aim to expand revolution unsettle the united states abd at the same time it thretned castro relationship with his main ally, the Soviet Union.

When Castro overthrown the Batistaregime he though he could be compared with one of the most important Latin America revolutionaries; Simon Bolivar, known as the liberator. Castro notice that the Latin America society shared hopes andgrievences¨wealth was concentrated in the hands in thehands of the few , and most ordinary people found it hard to find work or ven afford health care and education¨. Castro thought cuba revolution couldbe apply to overtrhough the regimes.

Castros relationship with his ally and fiend Ernesto che Guevara was important because it represented a different opinion of the same problem. Guevara believedthat armed struggle in Latin America could lead to revolution. Castro shared this opinion at some degree, he supported the idea of revolution in Latin America because his main concern was cuba. Ifcuba had a number of revolutionaries allies in the region, it willl relay less on the soviet union , it will have more commercial tradings and in the future they will become regional military allies. Bythe time castro came to power similar reovilutionarie movements developed in south America . both castro and che wanted to participate in the revolution, however the soviet union which was a veryimportant ally to cuba was against this idea. Th ussr preferred to support local communist parties in the third world countrie , were they could have commercial trade and they also believed in a morepeaceful path to socialism.

In the 1960s they were many left wing crush in latin America. By the time the che failed to create a socialist revolutionarie movement in congo , which showed a lacked...
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