Cuba rules

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Cuba rules
10. Never buy Cuban cigars off the streets no matter what kind of deal it is. I personally didn’t buy any but the moment you spark some interest in them they immediately hound you followyou until they can’t follow you no longer.

9. When eating dinner at a casa particular (budget private home B&B), don’t order any drinks like water or juice because you have to pay for it. Sobring your own drinks! Sounds silly but trust me.

8. There’s no point showing up early to buy your bus ticket. Don’t worry when the ticket lady says it’s “full” because chances are there are tons ofspaces. The reason they say that is because they let people who made reservations onto the bus first and then the normal people later. I think it’s pretty stupid because it’s usually a mad scrambleto see who can get a seat on the bus. So I guess you show up early but not that early. Oh, and if you want to make a reservation, that too is a hassle.

7. Don’t rely on public transport to/from theinternational airport in Havana because it’s pretty much non-existent. This is the first I’ve seen out of all the countries I’ve been to. You must take a taxi. Lame.

6. Just when you think you arelate, think again. Remember Cuban time.

5. Never have a tout help you are lead you to a place to stay no matter how friendly or nice they are. They can tell you all kinds of stories on how they areCatholic and would never cheat people. Chances are, most are wanting the commission. If it’s not money they want, it’s beer.

4. Make sure you wear something warm when taking an overnight bus (orany other bus) in Cuba. The A/C can get really cold like a meat freezer. Nobody will make fun of you if you bring your toque and gloves.

3. If you’re really big into eating lunch, think again beforecoming to Cuba. Lunch is almost non-existent here unless you like eating pizza and “mystery meat” off the streets. Breakfast and dinner are the main meals here.

2. You don’t have to pay for...
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