Cube of fate guide

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Room 1: This is the place you reach upon entering Beehive Adytum.
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Exchanging of the mission emblem for demonic cube. you can only exchange it once per day.
-When you leave the Beehive Adytum, all your dice, strength cards and other cards will be removed from your inventory.

Room 2: Digging of treasure boxes
-Safe zone
-Earth Element
-Dig 5 boxes
-Gets themission from the NPC and starts digging.
-Ease of mission: Easy

Room 3: Slaughtering Ground
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Kill 5 mobs
-Gets the mission from the NPC and starts killing.
-The mobs will melee you if you are close enough and use magic attack for range attackers.
-Ease of mission: Normal

Room 4: Killing the Moles (Rainbow’s side note: eh.. it sounds weird.)
-Safe Zone
-Kill 10 mobs
-Gets the mission from the NPC and starts killing.
-The mobs are all [?] level but are relatively easy to kill.
-Slow spawn rate though.
-Ease of mission: Easy

Room 5: Counting the Apples
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Count the apples (those balls in the sky) to answer questions
-Ease of Mission: Depends on your ability to count (this answer is by rainbow )

Room 6:Open sesame
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-The first room without NPC: you’ll only see a mob that does very low damage on you (but it’s got high defense).
-Defense skill does not work at all. (Rainbow’s side note: WF’s bramble array will not reduce 75% damage here.)
-Okay, so i just went through this part and decided to correct on this. Their damage on you is crap. you get damage penalty asthough you're killing a HH boss. but it hits really low on lv9x prolly only low 2 digits. only pets do not have damage penalty too. (on pet skills cuz the damage is really low).
-Once the mob is killed, everyone in the room can talk to the NPC.
-Players with HH90 armor +3 will need at least half an hour to kill the mob (if they solo). (rainbow's note: as for this, i'm a lv91 WF atm. along with alv8x WB, lv6x WF we took down this mob in less than 5mins. (the mob looks like a dark eye).
-If there are many players, it will make this round easier to pass.
-Ease of Mission: Hard. It’s a nightmare for low level players (rainbow's side note: i don't think so. unless you're in the room all alone and you're lv40).

Room 7: Listening Room:
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-You’ve to pass through abunch of mobs
-There are two types of mobs here. One of the will agro you and the other will not.
-Those which will agro you will make some kind of noise while those that will not agro will not make any noise
-If you here noises when you’re about to pass through, you can change your route to avoid dying.
-WF can use their pets to scout for a safe path before starting.
-When you’re doing thisroom, switch off the background music (bgm) and max the sound effects to hear the noise the mobs might be making.
-There are rumors that the 1st lane on the left is safe to pass.
-The quest initiating NPC in this room does not allow you to synthesize dice ticket (the quest completing NPC does). So it’s better for you to bring enough tickets to avoid having to do this twice.
-Ease of Mission: Hard(Rainbow’s side note: for this room, you can stick to the wall. when you get teleported to that room, you appeared at a corner right? if you walk straight, you'll see the NPC. after talking to it, go back to the spot where you spawned and this time turn left. it's a longer route to the NPC but remember, stick to the wall!)

Room 8: Kind or Evil
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Dig 20 boxes-Have to give 100k to initiate the mission.
-After finishing the mission you’ll get a box. There are two kinds of cards you might get. Either the villain card which can be NPC’d for 1 gold or the other card which allows you to NPC it at 1mil.

Room 9: Stay alive for 100sec
-Safe zone
-Earth element
-Survival game
-If you can hold out for 100sec, you’ll get tp-ed to a place with the finishing...
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