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Katherine Mansfield |
Katherine Mansfield (1883-1933) was born in New Zealand, She went to England to finish her education and married J. Middleton Murry, awell-known writer on literary topics. She died in France after a long illness. Although her life was short, she soon became well known, both in Britain and in Europe, for her short stories. Her specialqualities are her tender humanity, her clarity, her wit, and her courageous gaiety. |
"The Singing Lesson'
is a psychological study.
The way in which a music teacher shows her emotions through thesongs that she teaches her class is
cleverly worked out. | |
With despair -cold, sharp despair- buried deep in her heart like a wicked knife, Miss Meadows, in cap and gown and carrying alittle baton, trod the cold corridors that led to the music hall. Girls of all ages, rosy from the air, and bubbling over with that gleeful excitement that comes from running to school on a fine autumnmorning, hurried, skipped, fluttered by; from the hollow class-rooms came a quick drumming of voices; a bell rang; a voice like a bird cried, "Muriel." And then there came from the staircase atremendous knock-knock-knocking. Some one had dropped her dumbbells.

The Science Mistress stopped Miss Meadows.

"Good mor-ning," she cried, in her sweet, affected drawl. "Isn't it cold? It might bewin-ter."

Miss Meadows, hugging the knife, stared in hatred at the Science Mistress. Everything about her was sweet, pale, like honey. You wold not have been surprised to see a bee caught in thetangles of that yellow hair.

"It is rather sharp," said Miss Meadows, grimly.

The other smiled her sugary smile."You look fro-zen," said she. Her blue eyes opened wide; there came a mocking light inthem. (Had she noticed anything?)

"Oh, not quite as bad as that," said Miss Meadows, and she gave the Science Mistress, in exchange for her smile, a quick grimace and passed on...

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