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The Rose
by: Coriangely Cisneros

A 52 year old man lived with his only daughter, Anastasia and his wife, called his daughter Anastasia and said: "Dear Anastasia, when your mother fence of
the house is, be pious and good, God will protect you from heaven and I did not stray from your side and blessyou". Shortly after the woman left the house, he had
been unfaithful to her husband Don Geraldo. The girl went every day to mourn the garden that his mother had created for her when she was little. Anastasia always
remained pious and good. Winter came and the snow covered the garden with its white mantle, spring came and the sun gilding the lilies of the field and Don Geraldo
remarried.The wife named Cassandra brought two girls who had a very ugly faces and some very hard and cruel hearts, then began very bad times for the stepsisters
Anastasia and began to hate. The stepsisters Anastasia forced his mother to think of evil and put a maid Anastasia at home. Maria and Charlotte took off her clothes
well, put a skirt mended, old and gave him a pair of clogs.
- "How dirty is theproud princess!"
They laughed, and ordered to go to the kitchen: I had to work there from morning till night, get up early, bring water, light a fire, sewing and washing; his sisters also
did much damage as possible, mocked her and poured the food on the fire so I had to get out to pick it up.
At night, when I was overworked, he could not sleep because I had no bed, and spent lying by thefire, and as always was full of dust and ash. He
succeeded his father Don Gerardo was once a working meeting outside the small town where they lived and his stepdaughters asked what they wanted to bring back
for them.

-"A pretty dress and shoes," the most luxurious
-"Many bright clothes," added the younger.
-"And you, Anastasia, what do you want? "He said.
-"Father, bring me thefirst root of a tree or flower that you find on the road".
He bought his two stepdaughters beautiful dresses, shoes and clothing adorned with pearls and precious stones, and on his return, passing through a forest
covered greenery, stumbled over a stone and found a root out of the land, the look and quickly recognized it was a root roses, those that the mother Anastasia liked
to plant and cut.When he returned home to his stepdaughters had asked what the roots and Anastasia, which thanked him, ran to his mother's garden, planted the
root of it and cried so much of joy, watered by tears, he quickly rose to grow and become a beautiful plant, many small red roses, but roses were not normal, but
they had something different to the demas.Nunca lost its shine and always had this intensered color.
Anastasia after clean and the food came into the garden and there spent all the time you can have free, if her stepsisters and stepmother it permitted. She
spent staring at the floor and sometimes very strong crying and begging her to bring her mother back home. I always went to rest in the plant a bird, she named him
did grasshoppers and his faithful friend, spent hours tellinghim their dreams.
The king of the town organized a party where the purpose was to find a wife for his son the Prince Armando. The party was going to take place in the
garden of the kingdom and was to last four hours. The king invited the party to all youth in the country for your child to choose the one that pleased him as his wife.
When they found the two sisters who were attending theseparties, called Anastasia and said:
-"Come to the feast of the king, shame that our mother will not let you go ... brush the hair, make up and clean our shoes".
Anastasia heard and began to mourn, since gladly have gone with the ball, and begged her to allow her stepmother. The stepmother gave as an excuse that he had no
clothes, no shoes to perform in front of the king. But Anastasia...
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