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  • Publicado : 27 de septiembre de 2010
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In a kingdom far away lived a poor boy his name was Tom. He was orphan because his fathers had died in the mystery form when he born. He was fifteen years old and he liked the adventure but his life was wretched. He slept in the street whit Sofia his sister; he always survived with the money that he winning caring cows and sheeps. He worked for an evil man, his namewas Mr. Pool that use to Tom how a slave. When the parents of the kids died Mr. Pool toke them to his farm but he keep a dark secret and hate to the boys Tom was bored and tired by this situation and tacked the hope that has some better.
A night Mr. Pool arrived worse than ever shouting to the whole World. Tom didn’t bear more and said:
- Mr. Pool you don’t have law for to treat us so.
- Ican do that stupid kid, I have the power and you belong to me like your stupid sister.
- You are a damned. Said Tom and spat him.
Mr. Pool annoying and struck him, he went to his room and does a plan for kill him
One day he walked in the forest seeking a cow that Mr. Pool had released in the morning for off the boy, when a big dragon attacked to him, the boy ran very scared asking help butanything responded. Mr. Pool observed the scene from afar. The dragon flying behind the boy to eat while launched fire balls but Tom hid in a dark cave. The beast was hungry and stayed there and when the boy leaved eat him.

Tom slept in the cave all night thinking how scape of the beast. To middle night Tom woke up and saw that the dragon was asleep but it was blocking theexit, he didn’t know how could survive. He started to cry when in the profound of the cave an incredible light came to him. This light was an angel that with a sword killed the dragon, Tom was surprised but when he wanted to talk to the angel this disappeared.

The boy was very confused but ran to the town. There he searched to Sofia, she was concerned in the house of Mr. Pool; he wanted to talkabout the dragon. He found to Sofia and told her the fantastic story but she didn’t believed.

* Sofia, you should believe in me, all is true I don’t lie. Said Tom

* But Tom, It is a creasy story, the dragons and the angels don’t exist, you gave a very strong blow, that's all.

Mr. Pool listen everything and wanted know more, but Tom got out there and back to the forest for seek thedragon die but didn’t found anything. He felt anger but found the sword’s angel and when he touched it he appeared in an amazing palace and saw the angel, he asked him what happened and who are he? But the angel didn’t respond, Tom was very confused and followed him.

Mr. Pool had followed to Tom and saw when he disappeared, Mr. Pool knew about the angel because he was a demon and he had killedto the parents of Tom and Sofia and the angel protected to the kids and the demon wanted destroyed him by that. Mr. Pool turned into a horrible beast and flew to search to Tom. Sofia saw everything shouted of horror and the demon back and capture her.

Tom was in the palace when the angel talked and said:

* Your sister is in danger.

* What happen whit my sister?

* A demon hascaptured her, come with me, we will save her.

The angel toke to Tom and Flew very fast and arrived to the hell. Three dragons attacked whit fire but the angel with his sword destroyed all beasts but when he ran a big dragon whit seven heads appeared and hit to the angel throw him away. Tom was alone and listened to Sofia shouting horrified, he anger and with the sword crossed to the dragonbut this ate him complete.

* Angel helps me please.

Shouted Tom but the angel didn’t come. He was injured and unconscious. Tom was in the dragon’s stomach. There he could not breathe well. While in the evil castle Mr. Pool become in a terrible demon laughed saying:

* I am sorry Sofia, but your brother is dead, you are alone, and anybody will save you....
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