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The payment.

There was a boy named John Baldomero and he was very poor in Madrid City.
He went door by door offering his products to pay his studies to the school where he studies.

One day,he knocked on the door where a sir lived, who was called: Wicked neighbor. And he left out. He saw the boy and said:

MÁX: what do you want insolent boy?

JUAN: I just want to sale you someproducts.

MÁX: go away!

He took the bags that the boy brought and the man threw them out on the from his and he threw him from his house.
Them, suddenly his father went out and he scolded him and hehelped to the boy and he said to him.

PETER: What are you selling?

JOHN: I sell items of supplies.

PETER: sell me some pens and erasers

JOHN: take.

PETER: How much do I owe you?

JOHN:They me twenty cents.

He thanked him and he went on walking to Atoner Street. He was happy and he went out.
There was a strange man on the corner, he approached him and said to him:

FELIX:Hey, boy. Where are you going in a fast?

JOHN: I’m taking this money I have earned from the sales I did.

FELIX: Ha, I see.

Then, the man stole all the money he had left out sadly and crying.
Hewent on walking and suddenly he was hungry and he wanted to order a meal on the house.
So, he knocked on the door and door and a beautiful young woman named Maricielo came out and when she saw himshe felt compassion to him.
The boy told, her:

JOHN: Hey miss would you like give me a glass with water.


So then she get in and brought a glass with milk. So the boy receivedit and drank everything.

JOHN: How much do I owe you?

MARICIELO: They’re ten cents.

So the very sadly looked into hen face and he told hen that he did not have anything.
Suddenly her momcame out and scolded her.

LAURA: I have thought that you must not get money from the works of charity. Get out right away and tell to the boy that it’s not nothing.

MARICIELO: boy, it’s...
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