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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2011
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Raúl Solano R. Short Story. Taller de Expresión Escrita. 10-7-2010
Sue felt something; it was like a premonition that was warning her to be careful, but she ignored it even though she had experienced it before. Her husband, Joe, had gone with just his daughter’s picture; he was jealous of the relationship between the child and her mother. Sue was too young to be a mother,but she had to continue fighting to give her daughter, Annie, everything she needed. Sue was always worried about her daughter’s future since she did not want Annie to follow her steps and make the same mistakes.
It was a rainy afternoon and Annie came with her album of pictures from his grandfather’s house; she looked sad and lost. “I know you do not like the rain” said her mother.“No.” replied Annie. “I promise that tomorrow you and I will enjoy the amusement park”. This place was one of the most significant attractions of the country because of the amazing firecrackers and machines it had; actually, many people around that city visited it every year. When Sue took Annie, she felt her heart beating stronger; once again a bad feeling invaded her. Every time she was gettingcloser to the amusement park she felt worse, but her daughter’s desire to go and her smile convinced Sue, who forgot the fear she had.
Once they arrived, Sue and Annie noticed the incredible environment of the park. There were many people, especially children who were running to each machine or store to buy what they wanted. Also, they could smell the candies that were being sold in everycorner of that place, and of course the spectacular show of fireworks at the end of the day. Annie was so anxious to enjoy every game, but Sue seemed to be insecure; she had the intuition that something wrong was going to happen.
A couple of hours later, the strange feeling Sue had became true. She carried out Annie to one of the stores. Her daughter was sat on a bench while her mom wasbuying candies at the store which was just two meters across the seat. Nevertheless, when the young mother turned around, she realized Annie was not there anymore. Immediately, Sue’s worst thought came to her mind; Annie had been kidnapped. She ran to a police officer and shouted, “Officer, officer, please I need your help.” Her desperation was evident, and even the man seemed surprised. “Whathappened?” he asked, but the adolescent mother was crying. She hardly talked and explained her daughter had disappeared. The officer asked her to show him the place where everything occurred.
Once there, the officer searched for evidence near the seat but found just Annie’s footprints. Sue was thinking about how awful her childhood was; being abused by her father, and how her mother didnot do anything to stop him. She was alone, no brother or a sister who would help her. She recalled when her father kicked her out of the house, when she was pregnant at the age of 16. Sue grew up with that trauma, and it seemed fate was not fair with her since her husband also went away and threatened her with doing something bad to Annie.
The police officer decided to look foreyewitnesses. Suddenly, one voice cried out “I saw one small kid just like me talking to a man.” It came from a child who was playing a game next to where the bench was. The man asked him to tell every detail, “I just saw them talking over the cotton candy store.” “What else?” called out Sue, and the kid answered, “The man was giving her a candy and had her hands tight-fisted.” Sue and the officer ranto the location and found a small picture, but Sue did not understand why Annie was carrying a picture if she did not have one.
Sue was angry with herself for not paying attention to the feeling she had had; it was like a punishment for being careless. She knew how much Annie wanted to see the fireworks. And so, she had another intuition, she recalled that the firecrackers were...
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