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  • Publicado : 16 de diciembre de 2011
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This story began on the island of Australia, Tasmania. When Jenna Wilson 16 years old and her mother Elisa Wilson, were on the airplane, Elisa woke up she hear a voice saying to buck their seatbeltsbecause they were landing. Jenna was mad at Elisa, so she didn’t sleep the whole trip from India to Tasmania when Elisa woke up Jenna mumble all what she do is sleep. Elisa went to the hotel to unpackal luggage she was tired of the long trip so she take a nap, Jenna went to a beach walking and to drink a Piña Colada, then all water went and all that was left were fishes Jenna find it weird shesaw mothers going after their kids on the beach, some children sat on the beach screaming for their moms, Jenna was very confused and scared. She went where all people were running then she was hit onthe head the last thing she saw were legs and feet.
Elisa was planning the trip for months; she was waiting for this long time ago, because Jenna and she didn’t have a good relationship after“Jacob” Jenna’s dad died on a car accident. Jacob last words were to Elisa to take good care of Jenna and tell her that he loved her; in that time Jenna was 2 years old. That summer Jenna have planned to gowith her friends to London, but her mom didn’t let her because she said she was too young for being traveling without an adult. Jenna was a young lady that she liked to drink, smoke and sometimes gethigh, in the other hand her mother was a doctor, she liked to help homeless and sometimes when Jenna wasn’t on the jail or she was dunked she ran a benefit marathon.
Jenna woke up spitting saltywater and two guys were at her side, she was lost. She didn’t know what happened everything was too fast. Jenna asked the two guys if they haven’t seen her mother so she showed them a wet picture ofher, one of them say “you were lucky of getting alive because we found you on a piece of a trunk if you want to find your mother put the picture on the wall”. Jenna went to the hotel they were...
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