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  • Publicado : 28 de octubre de 2012
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The Lin family immigrated to the United States from China and during the early days on the country they had a problem adapting to American manners because they were different thatin China, one day they were invited to dinner by their neighbors, the Gleasons and Mrs. Gleason offered them some celery but they didn’t know how to eat that so they started to pullthe strings out like they do it on China and they were doing an annoying sound and the people started looking at us and we felt mortified.
She’s fathers never got rid of theirChinese accent so the father used a scientific method and the mother memorized phrases that would cover all possible situations and the brother socialized faster so he didn’t had problemswith the English, but she had another problem the appearance his brother didn’t had any problem with that because he only bought blue jeans for the school and he was dressed like theother boys of the school so she visited Meg to try some clothes because they were the same size and she putted Meg’s jeans and t-shirt and she looked at the mirror and struck somesultry poses.
One day they went to a French restaurant and they didn’t understand what the menu said but his father was prepared and took out a pocket French dictionary and startedlooking for definitions but then he gave up and just order four complete dinners at random, and when the soup arrived they tilted the plate and they started doing annoying sounds soshe embarrassed run into the bathroom and stayed there until the mother went to the bathroom because she felt that his daughter was sick but she was all right.
They went to buy amilkshake with Meg and she realized that Meg slurp when she drink the milkshake and she asked her do you always slurp when you drink milkshakes? And she said sure. All americans slurp.
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