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  • Publicado : 22 de septiembre de 2010
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Rana's son, Rinrín Tadpole, left this morning, very stiff and very nice. With shorts, fashion tie, Curb and sucks hat wedding. "Boy, do not go!" Mom yells. But he makes a pompous gestureand leaves. Found on the road to neighboring mouse. And he said: "Amigo! Come you with me. Visit with Mrs. Wren and there will be feasting and binge. " Soon arrived and mouse moves.Stretching your neck, take the knocker. Take two or three blows, asking: "Who is it?" "" I, Mrs. Wren, I kiss your feet. " "Are you at home?" - "Yes sir, yes I am: and am very pleased to see youtoday; I was in my office, spinning cotton. "But that's not important, are welcome." It took the leave, they shook hands, and said platinum release, which is more veteran: "My friend theangry green heat let me have beer, do me a favor. " And while the thief uses the jar Mrs. commanded to bring the guitar and to Renacuajito asked to sing cheerful verses, elegant tune. "- Ahlove thousand did, madam, but it is impossible to please now I have the driest throat tow me too tight and new clothes. " "" I feel infinite, answered Aunt Rat loosen a little vest and tie,and meanwhile I'm going to sing a very special little song. " But being in this brilliant role. Dance and beer, guitar and song the Cat and the Cat saves the threshold and become what theLast Judgement. Dona Gata old fork in the ear songs like meowing child: "Hello" and children to the old Rat Cats one leg and one in the queue. Don Renacuajito watching this assault He took hishat, took a tremendous leap, and opening the door with his hand and nose, it was giving everyone "very happy nights." And he kept jumping so high and fast, he lost his hat, torn shirt,slipped into the mouth of a glutton duck and booting it as a single stretch. And so ended one, two and three, mouse and mouse, and Rana later; cats ate and dined Duck. And Mom was lonely frog!
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