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The story is about a vampire and a human woman who fell in love but she had to decide between his family, friends or boyfriend, she loved him. She insisted thatthe become a vampire, but he would not because it was not easy being a vampire is suffering a lot, but she did not care that I just wanted to be with him for life, overtime she was still human which ran great danger many tried to kill vampires, they got married, she became pregnant long before her baby had turned her into a vampire,her husband Edward of how her and her daughter to feed on blood of animals were happy.
This is a story of a boy who falls for a rich young man they loved, but hisfamily did not accept him for being poor, her parents married her the rich, with the passage of time he fell in love with her cousin were secretly but her family doesnot accept it, they were separated, she was drinking a potion of death by sending a letter to her lover telling him it was a fake pear go together, ment to him the letterarrived too late and suicide when she woke up and saw him dead uniting suicide death.
This is a story of a boy who did not like going to school, he wanted to befree as a bird I want so much that it becomes a bird first day was fun for him but with the passing of days realized that Life was not easy so they had to get food,sleep was difficult as done all these well Luchana beware of the predators of birds, was more difficult because he had no help from their parents and had no friends, whenhe became aware that I was wrong to a child and I swear I always feel like I was going to put in school.
The clouds give a sense of instability and eternity, the