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He was born and never knew how or why, but he hunted the forest. Knowledge of how to use bow and arrow was innate, never did he cross paths with another one of his kind. He wandered the woods, merely drawing arrows and hunting other beings which never were of his own comparison. The wounded beings tended to find each other and slide underneath, within the very soil. The bay ofCirasens is the birthplace of the tale of the Hunter, although no record of him is kept anywhere, the old fishermen say the offspring of passion and war resided in the Hunter. The arrows were never found, only the two beings which became one. Seldom did he encounter confusion, his arm was swift and his desire permanent. Decades soared and years were never clearly in focus, but he never aged and thearrows always sufficed. Nevertheless in his constant flight he realized that his arrows never hit the same being twice, the beings which became one were always different. He followed them carefully and waited for the precise instant, his chest beamed and his hand instinctively grabbed and arrow. The trembling thought of derailing himself never struck him. Yet once, he sought the idea of findinganother one of his kind. Rebellion had immersed inside him and his purpose lay aside to seek his reflection. Nowhere to be seen, there was nobody or anything quite like him. Desperate, he paused for the first time in his existence and thought, but he couldn’t see it. So he decided to use his infinite arrows.
The tale of the Hunter has no known record, and the bay of Cirasens fills with lonelyfishermen. They say love disappeared, in the forest nearby a little boy was found with a golden arrow struck into his chest.
The Unfinished Crown
Whispers follow the glint and rumours spread like snakes, nobody can truthfully say they have owned it. Few records are precise, but a sapphire was found, dating back to the year 45 of Marcus Aurelius’ reign. It is said that the crown was forged by a singleblacksmith, Aerion, disciple of Hephaestus himself.The tale implies that Aerion molded and hammered the Crown in a thunderstorm and that his work was so perfect and beautiful that the Gods drove him crazy. Thus he held the Crown over his head and climbed the tallest mountain he could find, once there he threw himself whilst holding the Crown . The power of the Crown lies in who holds it, but hecan never say it is his alone. The crown itself has never been seen or drawn. It finds its destiny, and its path is as bloody and miraculous as its origin. For many years it disappeared, until it was allegedly seen, being worn by a great conqueror, the crown spread its wrath from Egypt to India. He found his domain so vast that his mind played games with him, often confused by his mother. On hisdeathbed he hid the Crown, wishing that it would vanish, but it was merely hidden for a few centuries. Legend says that the great conqueror did not own the Crown, but the long descending line of generals which he had say otherwise. The almighty grit which he had was self- driven, but his determination originated from the Crown. Many tried to cement a description of what it looked like, none ofthose attempts ever even scratched the idea. One particular tale says it travelled back from Troy, with a misguided king. Upon the presence of Aeolus and Poseidon, the Crown remained in the king’s possession. It stuck with him all throughout his journey to Ithaca. Every time the western winds blow the fishermen of Ithaca say they hear the pleas of the king’s wife, which in time were remedied.Legend implies that the Crown got the king back home, when much of his troop didn’t.
Many claimed to have owned the Crown, I myself know this to be a mockery. The Crown isn’t found, it is it which chooses. The Unfinished Crown stayed in Ithaca, but not for long, few empires crumbled before a Roman general encountered it. He travelled by the name of Aelius Casius, but I know him for who he...
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