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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2010
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1. Watch the documentary paying attention to details.
2. Answer the workshop according to the information given in the documentary. (English) (Spanish)

1. How was the primitive atmosphere?
2. Why is it possibleto conserve liquid water on Earth?
3. How did oceans become heavy with salt?
4. What was the first form of life over Earth? Does it still exist? If yes, where can you find them?
5. What isthe ancestor of today´s plants?
6. How was carbon drain from the atmosphere?
7. What was the role of Sun in this process?
8. Which are the different states of water?
9. Where doescome the oxygen from?
10. What is the role that corals play in oceans?
11. Why are the soils fundamental to life?
12. How long did Humans appear on Earth?
13. What kind of places didHuman beings choose to settle? Why?
14. What was the first great revolution? Why does it deserve to be called a revolution?
15. Where do coal and oil come from?
16. How did oil transform theway we obtain our daily food? Explain
17. What is happening with fishing?
18. What is fossil water?
19. Explain the Jordan and Colorado Rivers phenomena
20. What is the importance offorests?
21. How does deforestation harm our world? Explain the case of eucalyptus, soybean and palm oil.
22. Why is erosion an environmental problem?
23. Which ancient people can teach usabout excessive exploitation of natural resources?
24. Say five side effects of global warming.
25. What is the paper of the glaciers of the Himalayas in the water cycle?
26. What is knownas permafrost?
27. Choose one of the given statistics and take a position; explain it.
28. Do you think science and human knowledge can help to reverse the current environmental situation?...
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