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Senior IB 2010/2011
Literature Notebook
City of the Beasts by
Isabel Allende

Carlos Flores
Ms Becker
1st Period Class

Plot summary

At the beginning of the story the reader finds out that Alexander’s mother is suffering from cancer. His Father then decides to send Alex to live with his mother in New York. His grandmother, Kate Cold, is really tough and adventurous. She doesn’t acther age and on the other hand acts like a 20 year old with a lot of charisma and energy. Her grandmother later informs the family that she is taking Alex to the Amazon rainforest for the adventure of his lifetime. When he gets to New York Alex discovers that he has misplaced his flute. As having compassion for him, Kate gives Alex the Flute that once belonged to his grandfather, Joseph Cold. He ispart of an expedition. At first, Alex has a crush with the daughter of a very famous entrepreneur, Nadia. They have a good friend ship throughout the story. Other, scientifically important, characters are also part of the expedition. Once there, Nadia introduces Walimai, a Shaman, to Alex. The Shaman later informs the kids that they have been the chosen ones to lead the path of rightness. Then,one night they hear the Captain talking saying the true purpose of the expedition: to get rid of the Indians so that they can exploit the land. Alex then finds out that his true name in their language is “jaguar.” Alex really identifies himself with this majestic creature. Trough the expedition, which is up river, everyone gets the sensation that they are being watched. Later Alex and Nadia arekidnapped the People of the Mist. This are mysterious natives that the know the dangerous jungle like the back of they palms. When they reach the main village they are very welcomed. Both kids go through a ritual that initiates then into the tribe. Because of an injury, the chief of the tribe dies and this brings temporary sadness. After that the group of Indians takes them to see the beasts. TheseBeasts are considered gods by the People of the Mist. Jaguar correctly assumes their city to be the famous El Dorado. The beasts are nothing more than giant sloths then the children are given presents in exchange for protecting them. When they get back to the expedition, they realize that the doctors in charge of the expedition are giving the Indians diseases. They try to put a stop to it but thecaptain takes all of them captive. Luckily the two kids escape and go get the beast. These creatures saved the day and the area is turned in a reserve. At the ends Nadia and Alexander Cold agree to be best friend for ever.

Description of major characters

Alexander Cold He is 158 years old and the main character of the novel. He is really smart teen that lives in California and also plays theflute. He becomes really frustrated when he finds out that his mother suffers from cancer. His animal is the jaguar. He has the adventure of his life in the Amazon.

Kate Cold She is Alexander's grandmother and an adventurist and writer for the magazine International Geographic. Although she love salex, she tries not to show it. Kate has never broken a bone and she has survived everythingfrom malaria to scorpion bites. She drinks straight vodka and smokes black tobacco in a sailor's pipe. She teaches Alex a lot of valuable things

Nadia Santos She is the daughter of Cesar Santos. She becomes a really good friend of Alex. Her animal is the eagle. Nadia can speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and, several Amazon native dialects, and can also communicate with several animals.. She isdescribed as having honey-colored skin and curly hair bleached by the sun. She has about the same age as Alex.

Description of minor characters
Lisa Cold She is Alexander’s mother who suffers to Cancer and wants Alex to go to his grandmothers.
John Cold He is Alexander's father. He is also a doctor in California
Omayra Torres Doctor of the expeditionary group. She is part of the plan to...
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