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Legal Tools to solve citizen´s problems with financial institutions
First Partial Project
Isis Pérez -- A 01260249
Pilar Maycott – A 01260472
Investigación científica y Tecnológica
Jessica Donnadieu
Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

Legal Tools to solve citizen´s problems with financial institutions
-Banking users-

Our globalized world is ruled by money,which is the one who moved the business, markets, is the basis of economies and the mainstay of the institutions and governments to be enforced. Those who are responsible for safeguarding and securing this money and what you do with it are financial institutions.
In the global financial institutions are scored according to an evaluation method based on CAMEL (Gestiópolis), which alsoincludes qualitative aspects related to its operations and performance, whose name derives from the acronym:
C: Adequacy Capital (Capital Adequacy)
A: Assets Quality (asset quality)
M: Management (Management)
E: Earning (Gain)
L: Liquidity (liquidity)

Each category corresponds to a critical management area of the financial institution for example, in the capital or equity is oftenexpressed three basic indicators: the ratio equity to total assets; unproductive assets on equity, and total deposits on equity.
But what happens when the money that these institutions have is people that lack of training cannot make good use of it?

Only here in Aguascalientes there are about 33 institutions financial Multiple Purpose Financial Companies (2011), which are part of the Mexicanbanking system is composed of the Bank of Mexico, commercial banks, institutions of development banks and public trusts set up by the Federal Government to conduct economic development financial activities and banking self-regulatory bodies.
When a user of the services of financial institutions fails to make good use of financial institutions, these aflultimately end up hurting theirinvestments, property and large-scale financial institution loses and destabilizes the economy, and if it is serious even international one.
The Problem
This happens in Aguascalientes, there are people who are users of banking without knowing exactly how it works, and before long the financial institution ends with the heritage of the doubt (physical or moral) or on the other hand, theperson (physical or moral) claims by movements of the financial institutions do, presumably because of its self... but in reality they did not know.
What really matters for this problem, is that if the financial institutions aren’t well uses, Aguascalientes´ economy should not grow, and the people user of this kind of institutions only would be poorer and never reach an economic goal.
In the context ofthis problem this research is to see what are the legal tools that users of a financial institution have to solve a problem with it. In addition to that, and knowing which the tools are, see what the best way to approach people (especially poor) to help resolve disputes with the institutions.
By the way the legal tools we are doing reference are to the implements of a mechanical trade ofpersons who is involves in a legal situation; are free and exempted from duty given by an Institution or commission, that in this case is CONDUSEF (Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros)
This research is important because it would make the people that have trouble with any financial institution to know how to solve it through legal tools; or a personthat is user of a financial institution to know how to prevent any problem or how to solve that problem when he/she has one; the last limit this research is going to approach if to find what are the legal tools that users of a financial institution have to solve a problem with it. In addition to that, and knowing which tools are, see what the best way to get people close to these tools...
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