Cultura japonesa

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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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The Japanese culture is older than Mexican culture, the ground is smaller than Mexico, and the weather is same as Mexico. The landscape has more forest, mountains, rivers and theplaces are cleaner than Mexico. The buildings are the tallest in the world. In Japan they use chopsticks for eating, they bow for greeting, and they remove their shoes for in a place like a house andschools. The people are more punctually, tidier, stricter, more serious and more respectful than the Mexican people. People are not tall, their hair is black and straight, they have white skin, andtheir eyes are not almond like Chinese people. Their language is the most difficult because their writing is pictorial (kanji’s), the intonation is very important for the meaning. They use prefixes forrespect for all the people: ”san”-Use for thepeople that you do not know “chan and kun”- Use for friends and for family“sama”-Use for very important peopleThe traditional clothing is the “kimono” with “geta” (high heels) is made of silk and is formal and the “jukata” is made of cotton with getas and is casual. The actualfashion is the most extreme and freaky. There are social groups like “harajuku”, “Lolita” and gothic. The Mexican food is spicier than the Japanese food, is the healthiest because is based in vegetablesand the portion is smaller than in Mexico, and there not exist the tortilla, the rice is fundamental in their food. The technology is the most advanced and innovating in the world, there exist the...
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