Cultura japonesa

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Japan culture
The culture Japan has evolved considerably in recent years from the original country of culture Jōmon to contemporary culture, which combines the influences of Asia, Europe and NorthAmerica. Traditional arts include crafts (ikebana, origami, ukiyo-e, dolls, lacquers, pottery), Actions (Bunraku, Kabuki, Noh, rakugo), Traditions (tea ceremony, BudōThe architecture, The gardens, Theswords) And kitchen. The merger between the traditional printing in wood and Western art led to the creation of manga, A Japanese format Cartoon popular inside and outside Japan. The manga hasinfluenced the animation for TV and film giving rise to anime and the call live action movie, films or television series usually embodied by actors and based on popular animated series. The game consolesJapanese have prospered since the early 1980.
The Japanese music is eclectic, Having borrowed the instruments, The scales and styles of the surrounding cultures. Instruments such as the kotoWereintroduced over the centuries IX and X. The recitative accompanied by drama Nō date from XIV century and folk music popular with guitar shamisenFrom the XVI. Western music, present since the late nineteenthcentury, Now an integral part of the culture. After war Japan has been influenced by modern music of American and European, which has led to J-Pop.
The Karaoke is the most widely practiced culturalactivity. In November of 1993A study conducted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs found that this year, were more the Japanese had sung karaoke that those who had participated in traditional culturalevents, such as arrangements floral or tea ceremony.[]
The first works of the Japanese literature include Kojiki and NihonshokiTwo books of history and Man'yōshū, A book of poems of eighth century,All written in Chinese characters. In the early days of the Heian periodThe system transcription known as kana (Hiragana and Katakana) Was created as phonograms. Kaguya is considered the oldest...
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