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Maya * Aztec Astrology Report

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  Prepared for AFC 
  born December 21, 1959 
  DAY-SIGN: 2-Alligator 
(Maya: 2-Imix) 
  YEAR: South-13 (Tikal System) 
  13-DAY PERIOD: 1-Flower 
(Maya: 1-Ahau) 
  VENUS PHASE: Morning Star 
 Introduction - The Astrology of Time

The ancient Maya and Aztec astrologers studied the mysterious influence of the rhythms of the sky on earthly life. Everyone knows the Sun rises and sets every day -- this is the basic rhythm of life around which we set our clocks and calendars. What the ancient astrologers discovered was that other time cycles existed that were multiples of this basic day cycle.This fact was discovered about 100 years ago in Europe and these cycles (there are many of them) are now called biorhythms.

The most important time cycles in ancient Mayan and Aztec astrology are those of the day, 9-days, 13-days, and 20-days. Additionally, years are counted also, in groups of 4 and 13. Each day is then part of several other cycles, so no two days are exactly the same. YourMaya/Aztec horoscope below shows exactly where in each of the cycles you were born. Each category below examines a specific cycle and a specific aspect of your personality. Keep in mind that our personalities are complex and contain many contradictions. All of us present a different "face" depending on who we meet. The delineations below will reflect this, but they will also give you a clear picture ofwho you really are. The true value of astrology lies in self-knowledge, the first step to wisdom. 

Your Most Personal Traits -- The Day-Sign of Your Birth

Here are your strongest and most obvious personality traits. The delineation below describes who you are and how you appear to others, at least on the surface. In Aztec astrology this part of is your horoscope is your Tonalli, orDay-Sign, the form bestowed upon you by the Sun.

Alligator: You are a busy person, often constantly working to maintain the emotional integrity of your world. You relate to the world around you primarily through your feelings, not so much through intellect. Because of this, you can be quite reactive to any changes taking place around you and frequently rush in to keep the "dam from breaking,"so-to-speak.

Your instincts are unusually strong. Besides a powerful maternal instinct, you may also be genuinely psychic. You tend to be attracted to the psychic sciences or future sciences such as astrology, tarot, and metaphysics. When you follow your hunches, you are nearly always successful in whatever you attempt.

Alligator types are also extremely sensitive and touchy. You may have aterrible time taking criticism and tend to be defensive. On the other hand, you can be among the most critical and fussy persons known. In your dealings with others, you often put on a tough exterior which protects you from the "dangerous" environment. Like the alligator or crocodile, you can be difficult to live with because of your hard, rough and even prickly, surface. Privacy is necessary foryou to recuperate from the stress of maintaining this defensive posture. You need a personal sanctuary of some kind, preferably near the sea or water.

Those who have close relationships with you will notice your tendency to dominate others in a parental way. You have an unusually strong parenting instinct. If you don't have any children you will seek outlets by establishing nurturingrelationships with people, pets, and even plants. The maternal instincts of female Alligator types can be awesome.

It is possible that you feel rejected or criticized by your parents. The feeling, real or imagined, that your parents expect too much of you, or worse, don't want you, can be a motivation to create your own personal "families." These may be simply small, but tight-knit group of friends that...
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