Cultura persa

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  • Publicado : 24 de mayo de 2011
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Sandra Marmolejo

Persian Sculpture

Who has never heard about Persians and the powerful Empire they built? They were a group of Indio-Europeans tribes who were established in the Eastof the Mesopotamian region. The Persians were some settled, some nomadic but they wanted to create a different religion and have their own culture to making difference between the other great cities.Ancient Persians once occupied the modern territory of Iran,that we know today, in Asia. The land of Persia was a large plateau and in the centre was a large salt desert. Geographically limits tothe north with Caspian Sea, Armenia and Russia, Hindu-Kush and Afghanistan in the East, Indic Ocean and Persian Gulf in the south and the basin of the Tigris and Euphrates in the west.
Persia hadcopied and learned from foreign cultures, we can se the resemblances between Persian art and Greece, Egypt and Assyria cultures. We cannot say there was a Persian style itself. In reality artisticproduction was a combination of elements belonging to different cultures subjected.

Ancient Statue Antique Sculpture
Forexample, they took from de Egyptians the style to build hypo-geans constructions, of Mesopotamia the use of brick, the figures of winged bulls and the custom of erecting buildings on raised platforms, andfrom Greece the harmony and the slenderness of certain construction elements.
Persian sculpture is more derivatives, non-representational and stylized rather than the figurative and innovative. Themost important aspects in the Persian art is the architecture and the sculpture. In Persepolis, sculpture was an important complement to the architecture.

A view of Persepolis, with a royalprocession on the wall of the great stairway
Because of the characteristics of the Achaemenid religion, they not built temples to worship their god in reliefs or sculpture. The art of the Persians was...
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