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Make Needle-Magnets
Materials you will need:
• A Magnet
• A few Straight Pin
• A few Sewing Needles
Magnetism can be passed from magnets to othermagnetic materials so they become magnets too.  Here is a way to magnetize two needles.  You can use these needle-magnets for other experiments in this site.Steps:
1.  Hold a needle by the eye and stroke it gently 30 times with your magnet, in the same direction.  Do the same with the second needle, makingsure that you use the same end of the magnet.
2.  Test your needle-magnets on some pins before you use them for other experiments.

Pointing NorthMaterials you will need:
• Water
• A Bowl
• A Compass
• Two Small Pieces of Paper or Sliced Cork
• Two Needle-Magnets (refer to experiment - MakeNeedle-Magnets)

Did you know that the Earth acts like a giant magnet and attracts other magnets towards its north pole?  Try this experiment with twoneedle-magnets to see how the Earth pulls on magnets.
1.  Float a small piece of paper in a bowl of water and rest a needle-magnet on it.  When the needle isstill mark which way it points.
2.  Now do the same with the second needle-magnet.  Both needles should point the same direction, which is along anorth-south line.
How to find north:  To find out which end of your needle-magnet points north, you can either use a compass or you can use your shadow.  Gooutside at midday on a sunny day.  If you are north of the equator, your shadow will point north.  If you are south of the equator, it will point south.
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